Chula Vista Intl LLC, Public Notice


Chula Vista Intl LLC, Rock Solid Construction

Chula Vista Intl LLC (state filing# 3512276375)
marketing name Rock Solid Construction was dissolved 
as of February 1, 2012 in accordance with Oklahoma State Law.
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Letter From the Owner

I would like to thank our past customers for giving us the opportunity to have served your Southern Oklahoma Foundation Repair Needs.

On December 22, 2011 I was offered a position as a property investment manager in Tulum, Maya Riviera Mexico.

After careful consideration, I decided to pursue ventures abroad and moved to dissolve Chula Vista/Rock Solid. This was a hard decision as Ardmore is my home town. However, Mexico's emerging markets provide unprecedented business opportunities. The likes of which are just unheard of in mature markets like the United States.

I hope you can understand my decision. In the future, if the markets permit, I look forward to a capital heavy second entry into the construction industry in Southern Oklahoma.

Thank you Ardmore!
- Joshua McGowan